In case you were wondering, Swaggie Nichols is still slaying (x)

But guuuuurl, where’s dat switch ring?

Only Kyla can fall on anything that isn’t vault and still deserve an E score above 8.0.

To those saying it’s overscored, tell me WHY.

Wang Yan’s beam and Flavia Saraiva’s floor @ 60fps.

Wang Yan BB (68 MB)!nBtxEJKR!mvcSjC1CyIUMGNOfTpnGlfwWg03rGoUVSZsA_fbIOMk

Flavia Saraiva FX (76 MB)!WRkRwRrb!EZY30PTYRjDHkokALT9G12xnXTtQqmCM95o2Yc3lr3w

QuestionHello! :) First, thank you for capturing the yog video of flavia! Is it okay if I use it to make gifs of it? Thank you! :) Answer

Sure, go for it.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHello, do you have the 2008 Olympic AA final in HD by any chance? Answer

Yeah, but it’s on a hard drive that’s currently somewhere in my house but am too lazy to look for.

Anonymous Asked
Questiondo you still have the footage of 2014 super six? Stupid gymnastike took your video down so I never got to see it ahdhcma Answer

I have it, but I don’t know where to put it.

Oh yes she betta do.

To the idiot that submitted this entry, you’re kindly invited to have a SEAT.

As Tyra Banks once shouted, learn something from this!

2014 Secret Classic in 60 FPS HD. 3.5 GB.

For all Simone Biles fans that couldn’t watch the Secret Classic on TV, here is a downloadable version of her floor exercise in its full frame rate. There are sometimes things even 1080p30 can’t do justice.

720p60 @ 3Mbps (48 MB)

720p60 @ 16Mbps (231 MB)